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  1. Persona makes signing in easy for Gmail users

    Aug 8, 2013 — by callahad

    Mozilla Persona is a way to sign into websites that works with any email address.

    Today, we’re happy to announce a new Persona Identity Bridge for Gmail users. This means that every Gmail user can now sign into Persona-powered websites with just a few clicks using their existing account credentials. No new password required. Check it out:

    Combined with our Identity Bridge for Yahoo, Persona now natively supports more than 700,000,000 active email users. That covers roughly 60-80% of people on most North American websites.

    The Gmail bridge is available now, and all Persona-enabled sites will automatically use it. You can try it right now by signing into Webmaker.

    Persona remains committed to privacy: Gmail users can sign into sites with Persona, but Google can’t track which sites they sign into.

    If you run a website, now is an excellent time to start using Persona. Your users are ready; what are you waiting for?