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  1. What is an Identity Bridge?

    Jul 26, 2013 — by callahad

    Last April we announced Identity Bridging in Persona, so… what is Identity Bridging?

    Persona is designed to allow you to use your existing email address to log into any website that supports Persona. If your email provider doesn’t support Persona, Mozilla will step in and vouch for you, so long as you can verify your email address.

    Traditionally, this verification was just like any other system: Mozilla would send you an email and ask you to click on the confirmation link it contained.

    With Identity Bridging, Persona learned a new trick; instead of sending confirmation emails, Persona can ask you to verify your identity via your email provider’s existing OpenID or OAuth gateway.

    This makes Persona a near-seamless experience for hundreds of millions of users worldwide, and site owners don’t have to change a thing to take advantage of current or future bridges; it’s all automatic.

    What’s more, users still experience all of the same privacy-protecting and anti-tracking benefits of Persona.

    We launched Identity Bridging with support for Yahoo Mail.

    We can’t wait to show you what’s next.