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  1. Persona: A login that matches your site

    Jul 18, 2013 — by callahad

    The next time you use Persona, it might look a little different. In response to user feedback, we’ve reduced the prominence of the Mozilla brand in the login dialog and completely eliminated the big “Persona” header. This keeps the focus on individual sites, rather than the mechanism powering login.

    With Persona, your site is at the forefront:


    The dialog is also becoming more customizable. In addition to a siteName and siteLogo, websites can now set a backgroundColor so that the Persona dialog matches their site’s design.

    For example, to get a bright blue dialog, a site can simply call:{backgroundColor: '#24ccff'});


    We owe this feature to the efforts of Dirkjan Ochtman, a Mozilla community member and open source software contributor. Next week, we’ll publish a brief interview with Dirkjan highlighting his contributions.

    If you’d like to get involved, you can find the Persona team in #identity on or on the dev-identity mailing list. Our code is open source and available on GitHub.