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  1. Persona on Firefox OS phones

    Apr 4, 2013 — by benadida

    You’ve probably heard about Firefox OS, Mozilla’s major effort to create a free mobile phone ecosystem using HTML5 as the one platform you need to develop rich mobile apps. You can expect Firefox OS phones in stores in South America later this year.

    What you may not yet know is that we built Persona into Firefox OS. When invoked on Firefox OS, Persona presents a natively-optimized, trusted interface for logging into your favorite app or web site, including the Firefox Marketplace. If you use Persona, you don’t need to change a thing. You’ll get the native interface automatically on Firefox OS devices. That’s the beauty of the JavaScript shim approach we took: it works on all browsers, and it automatically improves on devices that support the Persona API natively.

    we don’t need another silo

    We could have done what every other company does: simply build Firefox OS accounts optimized for our operating system, focused purely on Mozilla. But that’s not how we do things. Our mission is to give users sovereignty over their Internet experience, to help and defend the Open Web. So we built Persona, an Identity System for the Web, and we’re iterating it to make sure it provides tremendous user and developer value while preserving real user choice. Then, we built Persona into the Firefox OS phone.

    faster, especially on data connections

    We’ve done a good bit of work to make Persona faster on slower data connections. We optimized our font delivery. We optimized our crypto library. Overall, Persona is now twice as fast now as it was a few months ago. And we’ve got more tricks up our sleeve to continue to make Persona fast.

    innovation: from mobile to desktop

    We started by innovating on mobile, with native Persona on Firefox OS. The mobile constraints helped us focus our native implementation and make the right engineering compromises. Now, we’re taking those lessons and bringing them to Firefox on Android and Desktop. Native Persona support on all versions of Firefox is coming.

    As always, we welcome your questions and comments on our mailing list, or via the #MozillaPersona hash-tag on Twitter.