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  1. we’re changing our privacy policy

    Mar 22, 2013 — by benadida

    "We’re changing our privacy policy…" Does that sentence fill you with dread? Most of the time, unfortunately, it should. Too many web services change privacy policy to increase collection and use of your data. It’s often hard to keep up with these changes.

    In this case, you can rest easy. We’re making the Mozilla Persona privacy policy better for users. We simply noticed that we claimed we were retaining data which, in fact, we do not retain. Specifically, we do not retain the list of sites you visit with Persona. We’re tightening the language of the privacy policy to state that explicitly.

    At Mozilla, we use your data only to serve you. We also work hard to minimize how much data we collect: we don’t collect data preemptively, “just in case” we need it for future features. Check out the Mozilla Privacy Principles.

    And since all our code is public, you can review the privacy policy patch we just committed to our public code repository. This policy should go live in the next couple of weeks.

    As always, we welcome your questions and comments on our mailing list, or via the #MozillaPersona hash-tag on Twitter.