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  1. A new API for Persona

    Aug 1, 2012 — by callahad

    After gathering feedback from our users and our User Experience team, we’re excited to announce that we’ve implemented several important new features in Persona. These features include showing your website’s name and logo in the login dialog, a streamlined experience for first-time Persona users, and greater security thanks to global logout from any device.

    In order to make these features a reality, we had to change our JavaScript API. Working with the community on our public mailing list, we’ve come up with a brand new way to use Persona on your site. We call it the “Observer API,” and we believe it’s the future of Persona.

    We’ll be announcing a “Beta” release of Persona before the end of September, at which point the Observer API will become the recommended means of integrating Persona into your website. We do not plan to deprecate the previous API ( at this time. Nevertheless, we’re committed to working with our community to get everyone up and running with—and reaping the benefits of—the Observer API.

    How Does It Work?

    The Observer API consists of just three functions: At the time your page loads, you watch() for login/logout notifications from Persona. Whenever a user clicks the login button on your site, you request() a verified email from your user, which opens the Persona dialog. Finally, when a user logs out of your site, you tell Persona by calling logout().

    This new structure is a great foundation for future refinements and improvements to the Persona experience: we couldn’t have delivered all of the aforementioned features without it! You can find out more by reading our documentation on MDN.

    Where Can I Get Help Upgrading My Site?

    As always, start with the docs. If you’re still stuck, drop us a line on our mailing list or stop by our IRC channel: #identity on

    Let us know know what you think by tweeting with the hashtag #mozPersona!