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  1. Deprecating requiredEmail

    Jun 28, 2012 — by callahad

    At the end of last year we introduced an experimental feature called requiredEmail which let websites ask a user to log in with a specific email address, rather than prompting users to select any address. Unfortunately, the use cases we had envisioned never materialized, and requiredEmail failed to find traction with our early adopters.

    Since requiredEmail only acted as a shortcut through our UI, its removal will not break existing sites. Thus, after speaking with all known users of requiredEmail, we’ve decided on a rapid deprecation schedule.

    Starting July 18th, the requiredEmail option will be deprecated and ignored. Websites using Persona will continue to work without interruption, as users will simply see the normal Persona login dialog which gives them the option of entering an email address of their choice.

    While we expect to revisit this idea in the future, we’re taking the step of deprecating requiredEmail now so that we can focus on building a lean, stable, and well-supported foundation for Persona. On that note, let us know how we’re doing! Feedback is always welcome on our mailing list, in our IRC channel, or on twitter via the #mozpersona hash-tag.