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  1. Streamlining Login with Privacy Policy and Terms of Service APIs

    May 14, 2012 — by callahad

    A new feature landed in Persona last month that promises to make the sign-in process even smoother by asking users to consent to site-specific Terms of Service and Privacy Policies as a native part of the login flow.

    This means that sites using Persona can easily present their own terms of service and privacy policy to users in an obvious, seamless, and uniform location. Moving user consent into the sign-in dialog also lets websites get rid of their “I agree” checkboxes, while still being certain that users were informed of and consented to the site’s terms on every sign-in.

    Supporting this API is dead simple, saves users a click, and means one less form for websites to manage. We think it makes sign-in easier for everyone, and we’d love to see more sites using this new, optional feature.  To learn more, check out our documentation and let us know what you think via our mailing list, IRC channel, or by tweeting with the #mozpersona hash-tag.